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hacking to rebirth of cool

James Strachan: good taste in music. I'd forgotten all about the rebirth series. James is listening to No 4. No 3 is my favourite tho' and reminds me when I was bartending... daiquiri, martini, manhattan, old-fashioned... ah yes. Here's two others I remember going round the lounge scene in London with the rebirth series 'back in da Nineties': United Future Organization: 3rd perspective, Beastie boys: The In Sound from Way Out!.

Speaking of James, I got a really clear and thoughtful mail from him about my comments on Jelly, and Java in general. It's only fair now that I give it a proper test run. Plus it's used in Maven, which seems to have a lot of the features I wanted for build management (I was going to give it a pass, but I might just be better off extending it - tho' if I do, I sign up for jelly afaict)

December 11, 2002 11:02 PM


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