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Processing XML with Java

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ERH says his latest book isn't selling as well as others have. He's wondering if that's because it's online. Possible, but I doubt it. I guess the obvious reason is that computer books are never going to sell as well in the current downturn (Tim O'Reilly, surprise, has observed this). But I can think of some other reasons. First off, I saw it in a bookstore on Monday. It's a big book, ie it's Wrox Press size. Good as it may be, I'm not inclined to get through a that-sized book at the moment (and I never was). As it happens, most of us at Propylon are blessed with being very busy - we're in demand! Tho' I have a suspicion that the people who bought doorstep books two years ago are either out of a job, or are now way overworked while the industry rationalizes the overspend of the last decade. I also suspect 1000+ pages turn off a certain class of readership- but since so many IT books are absurdly fat, and I'm not a marketeer, I guess the market remains. Last, I tend to track new books from good authors and I never knew Elliotte had a new book out until last week, when I came across a link to the online download (which I haven't downloaded yet, sigh). Maybe I was asleep, but maybe it wasn't as well marketed as Elliotte's output for O' Reilly - believe me, I knew all about XML in a Nutshell (both versions, and my most used XML tomb) and Java IO before they shipped.

December 12, 2002 12:10 AM


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