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Rational in Blue

IBM has acquired Rational. For a ton of money (but hey, Grady Booch is worth at least twice that).

The gen in work is that IBM are to the say the least, interested in Rational's blue chip client list. Strategically this lines up well with their purchase of PwC. IBM have needed to fill out their top tier services offerings for some years now. PwC+Rational gets them to a place where they arguably go toe to toe with CGEY, Monday and Bearing Point.


Russell Beattie said a while back that the day will come when there will be two IDEs in the world, Eclipse and Visual Studio. This acquisition might add some credence to Russel's argument. While Rational gave us the RUP, they are in large part a tools company. One wonders if any of the Rational suite will trickle into the Eclipse framwork (or perhaps Websphere).

And who knows. Maybe we'll see IBM Services evangelizing the Agile RUP. :)

December 6, 2002 10:35 PM


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