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Enterprise class

Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon

(full disclosure: I work for Propylon, Sean is CTO)

A wee Propylon specific entry this am. Propylon's Mission Control won the Professional Innovation award at the Digital Media Awards last night. Mission Control is a pervasive application server, built from the ground up on XML technologies - long before it was trendy to do so. It is also deeply, rather than superficially based on semantic xml representations of data assets and on-the-fly XML transformations. Its gratifying to get the award but I think I'm proudest of the fact that the technology has proven itself in mission critical, carrier grade deployments such as O2..

Most of this development happened before I joined Propylon, but considering that O2 need seriously scalable and performant systems. I think the work that was done on O2 rubbishes any arguments about XML's unsuitability for high perfomance enterprise or federation class projects. And yes, we is kings ;-)

January 24, 2003 02:41 PM


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