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Joey Gibson's mobile testing code

Joey Gibson's Blog

I just had to share this. I am working on a very large project using BEA's WebLogic 7. This project takes a good 10 minutes to go through an entire compile/deploy cycle. This is a real hassle when I need to noodle something out, test some idea, etc. I use Jython for all manner of nifty things including testing things from the client side of my app, but what if I wanted to test something from within the container? Sure I could write a Cactus test (and I have written many), but adding/changing a Cactus test results in a compile/deploy cycle. What I needed was something better.

What I came up with is a truly (dirty) hack that is totally insecure yet really useful. (IOW, don't put it on a production server.)

I embeded a Jython interpreter inside an Apache Axis web service. I then have a short Jython script on the client side that sends an arbitraty script to the server, which is executed and then the stdout/stderr are bundled up and sent back in the SOAP response. I think this is really cool.

January 3, 2003 12:34 PM


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