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Jon Udell: The name game

The name game

Jon Udell's reaction to rest-discuss' reaction to Jon Udell's Library Lookup.

To be honest, I've sometimes had trouble following the ongoing REST debate. But the words "value" and "utility" come through loud and clear. Of course, LibraryLookup is hardly the first demonstration of such value and utility. Consider, to take just one example, Erik Benson's All Consuming[6], an aggregation service that gathers Weblog postings about books. It depends in two ways on a URI pattern that includes an ISBN. When it scans Weblogs, it relies on that ISBN to identify entries that refer to books. Its own pages, in turn, use the ISBN to create referrals back to Amazon. Such linkage is, of course, the entire foundation of the Amazon Associates program.

January 25, 2003 03:29 PM


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