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New Year Resolutions


Must haves:

  1. Spend less on more; I am waste.
  2. Get a driver's licence. I am denial.
  3. Spend more time with my family. I am sad.
  4. Get fit; mean fit; military fit. I am weak.

Nice to haves [you can tell, as they require commentary]:

  • I am bibliophile. Buy no tech books. [I have the opposite problem to most developers, too many tech books bought, too many to read in any case. I worked out recently there's about a 6 month backlog on the shelves in front of me, not including a folder stuffed full of papers and OS code. Tonite, I place my one and only book order, for 365 days. What cannot be described, here, is the pain.]
  • I am tabloid. Work on my writing and email style: it's obnoxious, opinionated, critical. [I'm not obnoxious, opinionated, critical, no more than the next guy anyway. Shit, I guess that means practice. ]
  • I am the Great Irish Novel. Write the book. [But which book to start with??]
  • I am touch-line judge. Evangelise some technology, with implementation. [I don't contribute code, the technologies I care about, receives no love or toil from me, only platitudes]

Ouch. That was hard to put down.

January 1, 2003 09:31 PM


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