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Newkirk and Vorontsov: Using Metadata

Later: bad link day. I linked to the wrong article here. James pointed out my link to Bob Martin's book was wrong, and at lunchtime I found that my gutter link to Uche's weblog pointed to the the main page here. Let's try again.

Using Metadata is in fact a short piece by Martin Fowler which looks at code generation v reflection. It's a good read, but I'm not sure where the metadata bit comes in.

On the other hand, The effect of .NET attributes on design. by Newkirk and Vorontsov is about how using .NET attributes for metadata affect your programming. Might be interesting to those in J2EE-land who think about how to add metadata in one form or another to objects, or are watching whether the meta keyword makes it into the Tiger JDK through JCP 175.

January 3, 2003 09:46 AM


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