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Scott Sterling: CruiseControl, Maven, Centipede, AntHill

Java Testing, Tools, and Engineering

Scott goes through some options for build management. And still nothing out there quite fits the bill.

Fwiw I used to use .sh and .bat files to drive an Ant setup including blowing out a project structure. That stopped when it became clear they didn't integrate as well across IDEs as straight Ant files - and when I caught myself using an uber Ant file to call the batch files to call the Ant files... well it was time to back out and start over. At the moment I'm very close to having a single ant+properties file for all projects, getting that right is the main thing (not strictly true, it's a shell file with about 5 entity includes). When that's down pat, onto a platform independent scheduler... as an Ant task.

January 27, 2003 10:18 PM


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