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Sing Li on JMX

developerWorks : Java technology : From black boxes to enterprises, Part 1: Management, JMX 1.1 style

I picked this link up from a blog and have lost who's (maybe manageability's). My bad. The OB said Sing Li is one of the best tech writers working in the Java field.

Update, Jan 4: Carlos Perez (manageability) was kind enough to send me the link: from black boxes to enterprises

I consider Sing Li as being one of the best Java technical authors out there, I came to this conclusion after reading his JXTA series of articles. Sing Li has also written books on JINI and JXTA, however I'm pleasantly surprised that he's now writing about JMX. I mean, Java manageability isn't as cool a topic as JINI or JXTA, but who knows, there might actually be something cool about Java manageability.

Too true. I have three Wrox Press books - two of them because Sing Li was a writer, the other because Danny Ayers was. Sing Li is one of the first ports of call when it comes to understanding JavaSpaces and JXTA.

I've been trying to get a mental hook into JMX on and off over the last few months, mainly by reading the JMX spec and JBoss code. These two articles have been a real help. Highly recommended.

January 3, 2003 01:40 AM


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