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The second hardest problem

James Strachan's Radio Weblog

James and Cameron are posting very good stuff about cache management (lazyweb: this is well worth capturing and writing up for oreilly.com or developerworks). And excellent to see someone else watching SEDA. At InterX we built an event driven webserver/proxy in Java - damn hard to do, but it was fun and lot of what Miles Sabin (who architected the server and is from Brighton) learned, was fed back into java.nio. So if you've got beef with nio, you can blame him, along with Doug Lea, Dan Kegel and Matt Welsh - but getting into a technical argument about Java with those guys would be... intimidating :-)

Now if we could just get the Servlet and EJB specs off threaded architectures... ;-)

January 23, 2003 11:53 PM


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