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Axis and caching

axis and caching

This thread pretty much sums up what I meant when I said:

Web caching depends architecturally on intermediaries (or proxies) understanding what they can and cannot cache from entities they know nothing about. In other words, while it is not fully adequate, HTTP is designed with caching in mind and documents can be cached. Web services, particulary SOAP messages, have no such facility.

It's difficult to build internet scale systems without having a good story on caching (pure p2p models notwithstanding). Web caching is an analog to middleware object pooling, but requiring more transparency to allow third parties to interact.

The thread is also a fine example of needing to think about whether the semantics of your bespoke application methods are consistent with respect to the HTTP methods you happen to be tunneling through. This issue of caching, alone, should indicate that HTTP is not really a transport protocol despite web services realpolitik.

February 17, 2003 10:32 PM


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