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MT: It just works (and it's in Perl)

In the middle of scanning some weblogs (by the way, there's a excellent set of exchanges going on between Mark Baker, Jorgen Thelin and Werner Vogel at the moment about REST and reliable messaging). I see that Moveable Type has bumped up to 2.62. So I go for an upgrade. It took as long as the download (3 mins) and the FTP upload onto my web account* (6 mins). And that's it. Carry on scanning. It's ridiculous. Everything works. After a recent traumatic experience with software configuration, it's embarrassing to be reminded so brutally that stuff can be made to work right out of the box. My hat is off to Benjamin and Mena G. Trott.

* This thing is running on a UKShells account, I haven't found anything in Ireland that really matches them. Granted, the current Euro Sterling exchange rate isn't helping any.

February 20, 2003 12:47 AM


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