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Ross Judson: AOP + Rules

Spiral Dive

Want to learn something new and truly mind-expanding? Go find Ernest Friedman-Hill's Jess system. Read the manual, think hard, and you'll find out where computer science is going in the long run. Yes, he's created a CLIPS system for Java, and perhaps that on its own is not worthy of what I've just said. But when you start thinking about what you can accomplish with it, and what happens when you attempt to create aspect-based systems and couple them with rule programming, you get to a very interesting place.

I second learning something like Jess or Prolog. By the way, if you use XSLT and SQL (and who doesn't), you're as good as working in the same language family. As for mixing AOP with rules, that's something I'd like to hear more about.

February 2, 2003 01:48 AM


Jay Han
(February 2, 2003 05:17 PM #)

FYI, Jess book will come out in a few months.

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