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Carlos Perez:

I believe it was originally based on earlier work on KQML. Are these the atomic building blocks of interactions?

Yes and yes. The problem with KQML was that it wasn't specified formally enough (certainly not enough for machines to reason about what was being said to them). FIPA ACL has done more to tie down the semantics. The idea with speech acts for sofware agents has always been to compose conversations from well understood primitives. RDF btw, through its Model Theory tries to do something similar for facts and basic inference.

In an ideal world, an ACL is the content model for the stuff you put in a SOAP body. For anyone (like Don Box) who is sick of hashed out WS specs, the FIPA canon is stirling work, especially the Abstract Architecture. And it's interesting that some of the FIPA folk are starting to pop up on the W3C web services lists (rather than the semantic web ones).

March 12, 2003 10:44 PM


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