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Resin on cygwin

It's been ages since I looked at Resin. It's not as simple as the readme says (just fire up httpd). I couldn't get Resin-3.0.0-beta to work on win2k via cmd.exe. Here's what I had to do to get it up on cygwin:

Copy the distro to cygwin's /usr/local/resin-3.0.0-beta to stop resin's perl scripts getting confused about /cygdrive/c on the classpaths (I put every java app under c:/java, but I gave up after 10 minutes with resin)

Edit httpd.sh to include:

export JAVA_HOME

You might only need to add RESIN_HOME. I have an unorthodox setup for java in cygwin bash that allow me to change JAVA_HOME by changing the .profile. But note that this issue of Resin wouldn't run with a 1.3 JDK, I had to set JAVA_HOME to point to 1.4 to avoid a version mismatch (maybe its the jsp compiler; I used to get similar messages for Jasper).

Note to Java server builders. Please supply Ant files to startup your servers, .sh. perl and .bat files are quaint but... (I've done this for JBoss and Tomcat; one Ant script can be made to just work without the need to maintain 2 shell scripts).

Anyway, now I have to figure on why anthill.war is killing Tomcat and Resin on startup. It had better not be yet another log4j config issue, but that's what the stacktrace is looking like (not that I pay much that attention to OP stacktraces)...

March 2, 2003 06:24 PM


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