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Stop working on the semantic web

Eric Newcomer on ws-arch:

how and when are we going to get the W3C to stop working on the Semantic Web and take some leadership in Web services?

Or maybe the message here is that the W3C only wants to work on the Web and not on Web services?

Well, someone finally came out and said it. Good for Eric. This has been brewing since 2000. There are two houses in the W3C court when it comes to the web's future - webservices and semweb.

The irony is that that webservices and the semantic web are complimentary technologies if they would focus on their respective strengths, which they don't always do. The strength of web services is plumbing and transport packaging, the strength of the semantic web is in standard content models and metadata.

FIPA have organized their specifications to have a fairly clean division between the plumbing and the content. [and some special pleading: if you work in either webservices or the semantic web, do take a look at what FIPA are doing.]

March 2, 2003 05:45 PM


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