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The Descent: WS-Eradicate, WS-NIH, WS-Extinction

About BEA adding and adding and adding to the WS-* jumble : Sam Gentile's Blog

But is the problem BEA going it alone on the authoring front (and releasing a supporting toolset with the Weblogic 8.1 beta, strategically a similar approach to BizTalk), or the fact that the sheer number of WS-* specs is becoming a joke? Don Box says he's had enough (who hasn't?), but he's the editor on WS-Addressing, and contributor to WS-ReliableMessaging, two more recently released WS specs.

With this many specs, divergence and non-interoperability seems a sure thing. I count going on half a dozen WS specs for reliable messaging; given that the organizations involved are supposed to be gung-ho for interoperation, how does that come to pass? Recall that there is no other reason to utilize WS, than to ease the pain of interoperation and application integration. But you only have to go onto SOAPBuilders or axis-user to find out that we can't even pass around basic data structures and types like maps, dates and floating point numbers yet. Does anyone believe for a moment that this WS-* corpus is consistent as a whole, or that it's even a corpus?

March 15, 2003 02:17 PM


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