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Alan Mather: Mobile Government

e-Government @large

There's a big opportunity for us to use mobile phones (which have something like an 80% penetration in the UK now) for quick notifications and alerts, "your house is in the flood plain and there's a big storm coming", "your passport is ready for collection" or "we're short of blood in the donor bank and you haven't given blood for 12 months, now's a great time" or something like that. There may even be the opportunity for a bit of dialogue, "you have a hospital appointment tomorrow at noon, can you still make it" coupled with a bit of to and fro to confirm the time. I've also talked in the past about some location based services like "the streetlight where I'm standing is out", "there's an abandoned car outside my house" and so on - simple to implement and, if done right, likely to attract traffic. Clearly, we're invading people's personal devices here - we're pushing content for probably the first time online - and that means we have to be careful about what we send, when we send it and what we do next.

April 2, 2003 09:18 PM


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