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RAN: RSS for dependency management?

Sam Ruby: Experimental Gump RSS feed

Here's some ant to GET the Ant task extensions I tend to rely on:

   <property name="gob.href" value="http://www.dehora.net/code/gob"/>   
  <property name="gob.href.core" value="${gob.href}/core"/>
  <property name="ant.href" value="http://www.dehora.net/code/ant"/>   
  <property name="ant.href.ext" value="${gob.href}/ext"/>   
  <property name="ant.lib.home" value="env.ANT_HOME/lib"/>
  <property name="depend.where" value="${project.home}/${third.party.lib}"/>
  <target name="get-ant-extensions" description="" > 
      <get src="${ant.href.ext}/jdepend.jar" dest="${ant.lib.home}/jdepend.jar"/>
      <get src="${ant.href.ext}/jing.jar" dest="${ant.lib.home}/jing.jar"/>
      <get src="${ant.href.ext}/junit.jar" dest="${ant.lib.home}/junit.jar"/>
      <get src="${ant.href.ext}/catalina-ant.jar" dest="${ant.lib.home}/catalina-ant.jar"/>
      <!-- add more ant extensions  here -->

Great, I can get a jarfile. But seeing as people like Sam are pushing out RSS build feeds, why not push out release and version data as an RSS feed? Every OS project you depend on - you could examine its RSS feed to check for new versions, bugfixes, or just to find the link to download the jar you want. Even better each version could describe its dependencies in turn in the feed to create a dependency web (this seems handier than reegineering the Jar manifest file format). Then we could hack Jdepend to examine the graph.

I wonder how hard it would be to add <getrss/> to Ant that would understand such a feed?

Maven is a great code repository, but it has its own XML format you need Maven to understand it or roll your own. Exposing the Maven repository as RSS would be a good start as would getting to Ruper to fix on RSS as a data format.

April 10, 2003 10:51 PM


(April 11, 2003 11:37 AM #)

Hi Bill,
fyi: I've been working on an RDF vocabulary/module/schema for project/issue management. The write-up's still sketchy but I think the terms are now pretty much in place:


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