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Semantic Web: crippled?

Re: SUO: Program Semantics

Bill Andersen:

The WWW community has taken this view to the limit, proposing a dizzying array of semantically crippled quick-fix languages and claiming to be doing "ontology".

John Sowa:

I certainly agree. They have ignored everything that has been done in AI for the past 40 years. The RDF notation, which was originally designed by R. V. Guha, who was formerly the associate director of Cyc, is a trivial subset of what Cyc was doing in 1984. Guha proposed the version 1.0 of RDF, and he hoped that a much richer language would be developed for version 1.1. But since then, the W3C has been hung up on pursuing such low-level details that Guha withdrew in disgust. He is still on the RDF committee list, but he hasn't participated in any of their work for over two years.

Meet the SUO. This comunity makes makes RDF look about as abstract as Perl.

April 3, 2003 12:19 PM


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