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Why is Poorly Documented Code (the programmers fault)?

Weblogs Forum - Why is Poorly Documented Code the Industry Standard?

Perhaps because industry standard is to barely give programmers enough time to actually write the code itself :)

The first thing to do is figure out whether you have a lazy programmer or an overworked one. There will always be some jokers who don't/won't comment their work whether they have too much to do or not, but many programmers are up to their eyeballs in the quick and dirty. They're not burning out on overtime in order to write comments.

If you're developing an API, one way to be able to make time to document it is to design a smaller API. You can do this by using Plugins and Service Decorators.

One way to comment the code is not to use comments, but method names. A coment+statement can almost always be replaced with a method named after the comment containing the statement in its body. So instead of this idiom:

/* what */

use this one:

def what(){how;}

April 5, 2003 01:14 PM


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