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J2SE 1.4.2 installer nonsense

Nevermind: go here instead

Just installed 1.4.2 with the install shield. And immediately uninstalled it.

  • I wasn't asked where to install to.

  • I have to restart my computer to complete the install.

Oh dear. Back to 1.4.1 then.

[Later: I should have said - I'm using the offline installer]

June 27, 2003 10:54 AM


(June 27, 2003 02:24 PM #)

Hmm, that's strange, I installed it and it let me choose the dir and didn't restart... win2k

(June 27, 2003 03:45 PM #)

it lets you choose the directory though it is masked you have to really pay attention during the install, you'll see where you the dialog is.

(June 27, 2003 04:01 PM #)

Agreed. I installed it on win2k, choose the location (although I admit this was almost be accident) and I didn't need a restart. Give it another go. Of course, there's always the old-style, all-in-one offline bundle.

Bob X
(June 28, 2003 01:33 PM #)

You missed it then. I was allowed to put it where I wanted during the install.

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