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The Highlander Protocol

Burningbird: The Echo Project For Poets

All weblogging tools and perhaps peripherial tools would support a common API. This means, at a glance, we could post trackbacks to all weblog posts regardless of toll. But more, this also means that you could use any weblogging tool front end to post weblog posts to any weblogging back end. This opens the door to a new set of tools, as well as new technologies to work on top of them -- audio/video posts, posting from email, posting from your phone, and so on.

Well if Echo can settle on a data model, the common API can be HTTP, or any app transfer protocol. Really, what protocols do you need to blog other than NNTP, SMTP and HTTP? SMS you can gateway onto HTTP. And I think all you really need for (track|ping)back is a new header - Trackback-URI. Paul Prescod invented something like it last year for reliable messaging.

This is the biggie. This is the grand banana. This is where the rubber hits the road. Here's a scenario for you: you're on a road trip and you're writing to your desktop weblogging front end tool (someone else is driving we hope). You put the post in send mode and when you computer finds a passing WiFi signal, quick as can be, your entry is posted. Or don't bother with the computer, post with your cellphone. Of find a kiosk at a rest area along the way, and send a post, annotated with your map location.

Cool idea, but what does an API really give you here?

[via Danny]

June 30, 2003 10:56 PM


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