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JXTA v Jabber continued

I got a comment from Bo about JXTA v Jabber, that's well worth lifting:

As I see it, Jabber is still a largely unproven protocol. Sure there are deployments but I've never heard of any massive Jabber installations with one server handling thousands of clients. And due to several fundamental design problems in Jabber (eg the persistent connections/xml-streams architecture) I don't think this will ever happen. JXTA is alive and well, it just hasn't reached the marketing phase. Rest assured there are real corporations building real solutions on JXTA--some internal, some for sale. Also, you might look closer at the JXTA architecture. It isn't really an architecture of architectures at all. The best analogy of JXTA is a TCP/Protocol Stack for P2P applications and indeed there's been complains that JXTA is too low level. Anyways, personally, I expect big things from JXTA but as always, we'll see what happens.

To which I'll say two things.

At 10 million users, Jabber is proven in my book. I'm not sure about one server serving thousands of users, because I'm not sure that's what you'd want to do with it, or any messaging/p2p system.

My concern with JXTA remains, because I'm not sure it will get the marketing. Who will market it? Not Sun, at least not heavily enough. Not MS. Not SAP. IBM could, but they're heavily focused on Grid computing. The only vendor with clut that could be interested in selling P2P marketing is Intel. So I think for JXTA to succeed it has to do so via network effects, ie it will have to succeed the way TCP/IP, email, the web, and to a lesser extent, Jabber did.

July 30, 2003 08:29 PM


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