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Real world application for RDF, and the quote of the week

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When was the last time you were at a meeting and were trying to reschedule the next one? Each person calls out suggestions based on their own calendar and everyone else checks that date, someone inevitably rejects it and the cycles starts over. Soon your come to the conclusion that there is no perfect date so a compromise is sought. Why isn't this sorted out by now? Why don't we have diaries which can negociate with each other? We don't even have the ability to discover which days have the least collisions?

This has been taken on a few times by the RDF community, it's always been a contender for RDF's killer app. I definitely remember Dan Connolly hacking something like this for Palm but a quick search doesn't show any links. Libby Miller was also working on this at some point (with iCal?). Danny or Shelley might know what's going on with that all things calendrical in RDF today, but essentially I believe the guts of the data models are there, albeit complicated (it's hard to conclude that PIM vendors want interop). What's left is a small matter of programming - scripting solvers for the PDAs.

Quote of the week from Jamie:

Information doesn't flow, its pumped.

Yes. Via transformations!!

July 27, 2003 09:23 PM


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