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The Echo wiki

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Most wikis that matter don't operate on a public scale, being used for coordination of small and focussed groups. (IAwiki.net is about the largest I've seen.)

I count 663 pages on IAWiki. C2 wiki has pushing 25,000 - it's the foremost public repository of programming wisdom on the planet. Clay doesn't mention C2 here, even though it's creator, Ward Cunningham invented Wiki nearly 9 years ago. C2 definitely matters.

It's fascinating to watch people adapt from the highly personal medium of blogging to the interpersonal medium of wiki.

My observation on the Echo Wiki. It doesn't have WikiNature. For example if you want people to alter your text over there, you're encouraged to add RefactorOK to it. That's not good - a Wiki works by continuous editing and refinement - there's no real notion of ownership or releasing of 'rights'. A wiki will degenerate unless to community takes it on itself to refactor and keep the place tidy. This is painful sometimes - I've had stuff deleted from C2 and didn't like it, but the overall effect is that a refactored wiki always has the best content possible. Even now the pages on Echo wiki are getting messy and the site will start to rot unless they're cleaned up. It's hard to do this if the norm is DontTouchMyStuff. And arguably, DontTouchMyStuff is the main reason Echo exists. The tone is brash too - it's a little 'warm' over there, but the ad-hominem nonsense you see on weblogs hasn't arose.


July 1, 2003 09:31 PM


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