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That is the sound of inevitability: Linux on the desktop

Linux took on Microsoft, and won big in Munich

Welcome to the future. But actually, SuSe took on Microsoft and won big.

I suspect what will really happen is that they'll roll out Linux everywhere, and then every mid-level bureaucrat will realize they can't do their job because some application they need just doesn't run on Linux, and they'll buy Windows XP at full retail price, burying the costs in expense reports or petty cash or somewhere else. [Joel Spolsky]
In the long run, it's just a matter of a Linux distributor getting deadly serious about going after Windows market share. It's bound to happen, after all there's only so many servers out there, and at some point in the next decade, Linux will saturate that market. Linux on the desktop will start inside firewalls and work its way out - some big companies and nations are already asking whether Linux on clients are a better economic option.[Bill de hÓra]

August 16, 2003 02:44 PM


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