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Junit 4

The fact is, JUnit is pretty much abandoned out there on Sourceforge. Call it a virtue if you want, but don't tell me JUnit 3.8.1 is complete or even "good enough." It can hardly be called an open source project in the same sense as something like Eclipse, Apache Geronimo, Jakarta Tomcat, MySQL, etc. because there are no active committers. And there won't be as long as Kent and Erich keep it locked up for fear of people actually implementing some of the many features that people have asked for. So JUnit is open source, but I wouldn't call it an open source project right now. Scott Sterling

+1. An OS project is only as good as its community. The community around JUnit is strong, but there's no easy way to convert that to better code as long as Kent, Erich, et al are being prolific elsewhere. I don't know that they're locking the code up - I figure they're simply very busy men. But the last thing anyone wants to see is JUnit JSR'd or worse, fragmented because the code base is moribound.

I think it's time to push for Junit 4. I'd like to see Scott's classloader fix incorporated in that or an interim release.

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October 1, 2003 09:06 PM


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