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Design Classic: the flossbox

Glacial Erratics

Manipulations seeking, I thought, the fundamental form of the toothbrush. The ideal. The perfect tooth cleaning device. I sought these things not because I wanted perfect cleanliness but because I admire the union of form and function (and you should too!).

Speaking of teeth. The OralB flossbox is a design classic precisely because of its manipulation of plastic. The flossbox was moulded as a single piece of plastic and the thickness of the plastic was carefully engineered to allow folding into three dimensions and clip closing, similar to a flatpacked cardboard box. This allowed factory workers to assemble a flossbox using only four parts - the cutter, the floss, the label and the plastic case. It was designed by Dieter Rams (of Braun fame).

November 19, 2003 11:30 AM


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