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Assume we don't have an identity card

Jon Udell comments on Jonathan Swartz's strategic view of java and identity cards:

I'm with you, Jonathan. Now as a longtime advocate of this view, I've gotten plenty of useful pushback. And it's true, there are problems. PCs don't come with card readers. It's unclear how the governments and banks and airlines and other entities who currently issue cards will evolve the identity infrastructures this solution implies, how those infrastructures will cooperate, and how revocation can be managed in a scalable way.

As for DRM and identify management. We have wi-fi, infra-red, Bluetooth, RFID, and USB. We have credit cards. We have more encryption technology than we know what to do with. We know how to distribute tokens. We have insurance models for when things go wrong. Who needs a cardreader? Who needs a card? Call me naive, but it seems all we need for identity and DRM is the collective will to get the technologies into a usable state and see them deployed.

January 4, 2004 02:56 PM


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