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Javablogs' new layout needs tweaking

Javablogs has altered its layout, but it's not a total improvement. You can now see the first few words of the post (very nice). You can also click through to read a blog post without leaving Javablogs. Unfortunately this doesn't seem bring inlined links forward or up the read counter, even though these are counted as "only the reads from this site". And I'm not sure what the point of not leaving Javablogs is. Perhaps it's lining up for future ad revenue ;-) Half the fun is going onto someone's else's blog looking at other recent posts, following new links - and then going back to Javablogs. Making Javablogs "sticky" feels like a step backwards.

January 6, 2004 09:39 AM


Charles Miller
(January 6, 2004 11:02 AM #)

That link's always been there, and behaved the same way, it was just so badly named before now that nobody knew what it did. :)

The aim isn't to make Javablogs sticky, it was more just "we're storing this data, may as well display it somewhere". And it can be helpful: for example, when people use the [link] RSS element as something other than a permalink, it's probably the most convenient way to get at the content of the post.

Jeff Turner
(January 6, 2004 11:13 AM #)

Glad you like the "first few words" improvement. I'll check tomorrow whether the read counter not updating is due to caching or if we've introduced a bug.

"bring inlined links forward" - do you mean in the sample snippet of text? If so, I agree, there's no harm allowing links through, but not other HTML (h1, img's etc).

As for not leaving Javablogs, I assume you know that clicking on the title goes to the blogger's site as usual, so the [read] link is optional and subordinate. We store the data anyway (for email notifications, searching, etc), so might as well let people view it :)

If you have any other suggestions, please let us know - now's a good time.


PS: Charles added support for blog pings recently, if you'd like updates to appear within a minute of posting. There's MT instructions in the docs:


Mike Cannon-Brookes
(January 6, 2004 01:04 PM #)


Well it seems like two of our guys beat me to it :) Not a lot to add, other than that the JavaBlogs feed engine should be greatly improved in it's accuracy and reliability now after a lot of work over the Xmas break.

The new features are not all yet up, keep an eye on the site over the next few days :)

Thanks for the feedback!


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