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Objects v Services: move along, nothing to see here

This polarization (object vs services) seems to be getting a lot of amplification in blogland. What is it with computer people and mutual exclusion ;)

Service-orientation doesn't replace object-orientation - I don't see the industry (or Microsoft) abandoning objects as the primary metaphor for building individual programs. I do see the industry (and Microsoft) moving away from objects as the primary metaphor for integrating and coordinating multiple programs that are developed, deployed and versioned independently, especially across host boundaries. Don Box

Don Box sets it straight, but shouldn't have to. For example, where I work, Propylon, that object and service oriented styles are appropriate for different problems is understood and the idea that distributed services are not to be fashioned after distributed objects, but that objects are a good way to implement services is non-controversial. I suspect that a lot of folks in the industry hold this view, despite all the kerfuffle.

January 31, 2004 08:36 PM


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