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XML options in Java and .NET

As for whether the Sun's approach of just providing interfaces instead of concrete for XML parsing was such a great thing in Java I'd claim that it's been hit and miss. - Dare Obasanjo, on XML factory loading

I think we'd agree in Java-land that cross-platform APIs have been a mistake (except perhaps for SAX). As for the whole factory and dynamic loading model for raw parsers, well that can get extremely messy in Java. Most of us have run into some form of Xerces hell at some point. To be fair that is usually a problem induced by the Java classloading architecture (what architecture?) rather than XML APIs. I suspect that the .NET loading model isn't much better, but .NET has the luxury of having fewer things to load as Dare points out:

The funny thing is that even if we shipped functionality where we looked in the registry or in some config file before figuring out what XML parser to load it's not as if there are an abundance of third party XML parsers targetting the .NET Framework in the first place.

Really, who's going to use something other than System.Xml/MSXML?

XML support for Java however is fantastic, after you muddle through the options. To name just a few, SAX2, XOM, JDOM, XmlPull, XmlBeans and Jaxen are all really very good libraries (and open source). To be fair to Sun, the JAX* set of APIs had to evolve piecemeal and thus are not always consistent, coherent or without mistakes - a case of putting the wheels on a moving car. .NET APIs have had the luxury of coming a bit later.

All in all, I see the use of interfaces or not as a red-herring here. It comes down to what value cross-platform APIs have (if any), how dynamic implementation loading is managed in a static context and whether you actually need multiple implementations in the first place.

February 28, 2004 12:13 PM


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