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Home network with ADSL

A few folks have asked me how my home network is laid out. Here's the diagram as of yesterday:


The WiFi doesn't use WEP encryption, but does use MAC filtering. Maybe that's not too clever, but WEP is insecure as well as being slow, plus the link seems to be flaky when it's on. The SMC acts as a print server out of the box, which saves me having to set things up via SMB or whatnot (both servers are linux). The DMZ in gray isn't done yet, but I'd like to be able to log back in while not exposing the entire LAN (The Eircom plan I'm on is for dynamic IP, but there are ways around that). First tho' I need to harden the network.

Here's the kit:

  • Netopia Cayman router (supplied by Eircom)
  • SMC Barricade router (comes in wifi and non-wifi versions)
  • 2 x SMC2835W 54Mbps cardbus adapters
  • 1 x EZ Connect Turbo SMC2455W access point
  • Crossover cable for the router link
  • Patch cable for the servers
  • 4 port switch

All in all, assuming you had the kit, it shouldn't take more than rainy morning to set things up. Most of that would be in installing wifi drivers on the laptops and running cable. Strictly speaking you don't need the switch as the barricade has four ports available. And if you go for the newer wifi Barricade you won't need the access point. All this stuff can be got at Komplett.

Previously I'd been unable to make the Cayman router supplied with Eircom ADSL work with my SMC Barricade. Turns out there were two problems. First I was telling the SMC to dial into the Cayman using PPOE instead of just taking an IP address from it. Second I wasn't using a crossover cable between the two (orange in the dia. above). That last one was a bit embarrassing. Rule no 1 of networking: always check your cable (thanks Hugh!).

This would be so cool: a Squeezebox running on the LAN.

April 18, 2004 03:17 PM


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