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J2EE and the JVM: Ted Neward calls it

Frankly, in all 100% brutal honesty, I think the JVM is due for a major refit, and while I think the J2EE stack is more architecturally sound than the current crop of technologies from the .NET side of the world, EJB definitely needs to be shunted off to a less-central role in the stack and the Connector Architecture (JCA), for one, needs to be made more visible. - Ted Neward*

* Ted and I had a brief email exchange about this entry, about which I'll say one thing. He's 110% focused on giving customers the best solutions, regardless of source. Cool.

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April 11, 2004 02:01 PM


Gabriel Mihalache
(April 11, 2004 07:04 PM #)

Yes. J2EE, as a stack is fine. EJBs, for better or worse, tried to be a cross-vendor standard, and as distributable systems go, they are ok.

On single machine systems I'd rather use Hibernate for entities and the Spring Framework to render JavaBeans transactional (like SLSB/SFSB)

The basis Java language, the JVM itself *and* the syntax could improve with some changes, like those in 1.5 but we need even more. This Mr. Neward is pretty smart ;-)

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