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You'll shut me down with a push of your button?

Monopolies are sacrifices of the many to the few. Where the power is in the few it is natural for them to sacrifice the many to their own partialities and corruptions. Where the power, as with us, is in the many not in the few, the danger can not be very great that the few will be thus favored. It is much more to be dreaded that the few will be unnecessarily sacrificed to the many. - Thomas Jefferson
Just so I've got this straight, let me read this back. I go to the store and pay $30 for a DVD and place it in a player. I don't modify the DVD, I simply play it back in a different way than it was placed on the DVD. The Director's Guild thinks I shouldn't be able to do that because I am messing with the "intent" of the director. I guess that the "random" button on my CD player ought to be illegal as well then since I'm clearly changing the intent of whoever laid out the tracks on the CD by playing them back in a different order. If this isn't about the clearest example of hubris then I don't know what is. - Phil Windley

April 18, 2004 03:44 PM


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