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RDF, meet SmartFrog

So you've built your SOA/WS/Grid watchamacallit. Now, how to manage it?

Maybe with SmartFrog. This is clever stuff courtesy of HP Labs and free as in beer. It would be interesting maybe to have the SmartFrog folks talk to Semweb folks, as they both incur description language research (one domain specific, one generic). For example, imagine running SmartFrog data through RDQL or Jena.

This is one of the things with RDF - it gets passed over by domain specific languages - "arbitraged". Maybe that's not a bad thing. A well specced mapping into RDF might be preferrable to using RDF as the direct notation.

Update: this is much edited - Steve Loughran was less than impressed first time around - I wasn't being anywhere near clear enough.

May 2, 2004 12:44 PM


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