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Open Source views

They understand the real issue - it's about sovereignty. They no longer want to funnel Brazil's wealth abroad when they have a growing and excellent software community of their own. They want local people to provide service and write software for the government and industry. They want local skills to enrich the F/OSS world and build exportable skills. They have a vision for how to both enrich the culture and skills of their country while creating a power-house for the export of services in the future. They get it. -Simon Phipps
Most of the comments I've heard from folks about open sourciing Java have been negative. Hmmm... Not so much negative as concerned: Developers value Java's cross platform interoperability and reliability. They're afraid that if Java is open-sourced then someone will try to fragment the community by creating incompatible versions of Java and ignore the community process, just like Microsoft did. Microsoft did a lot of damage to the community and many developers strongly do not want that to happen again. - James Gosling

I find these views entirely compatible. Java has been a fine platform for open source and Sun does more than most to promote open source, even if it does come across as strategically confused at times.

Now, as Sun has been looking intently at open source recently, I wonder if they'll review the SCSL licence for Jini/Javaspaces?

June 7, 2004 06:30 PM


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