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Why I uninstalled Thunderbird

I use mozilla for my mail. I figured, time to switch to Thunderbird (and my colleagues are raving about it). I installed it but I uninstalled it soon after. The reason is it doesn't auto-import from mozilla:

Note: This method brings over your mail and account settings, your junk mail training data, and filters. Make sure your POP account in Thunderbird is configured to leave all mail on the server in case you want to go back and read pop mail from Mozilla Mail. Also, copying the Mozilla profile results in a lot of preferences and files no longer needed, since Thunderbird is a mail client only. Remove redundant files at your own risk.

I guess I won't be switching right now, given that mozilla mail is already excellent. No, I am not going to write a script to do this. Yes, I am a lazy ingrate.

But, if you use Outlook or Eudora, you're covered; import will just happen for you. Go for it.

June 12, 2004 09:24 PM


(June 12, 2004 11:09 PM #)

> Anyone who thinks 1Gb of mail storage
> is enough is kidding themselves.

Not that you are generalizing or anything, eh? I love how so many of your posts take the tone of "if you aren't like me, you are wrong."

Bill de hra
(June 12, 2004 11:19 PM #)

"Not that you are generalizing or anything,"

You're dead right; I'll take that aside out.

"I love how so many of your posts take the tone of "if you aren't like me, you are wrong"."

I don't. You're not the first person to point out I have an arrogant writing tone; I won't deny it's a problem.

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