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A day late, and a dollar short

Dorothea Salo:

"Look. RDF people? We get it. We really do. I know enough about RDF to put it into operation, if it were any damned use to me whatever."

Norm Walsh:

"This little case study supports a direction that's starting to feel right to me: RDF is a good tool for aggregating and analyzing data, but it's not the right tool for creating or maintaining information. In a sense, (some of) the RDF community are already leaning this way too, with proposals like GRDDL being developed to define standard ways for extracting RDF from data that's richly marked but not directly encoded in RDF/XML. But for the record, the fact that I have to embed RDF/XML in comments in XHTML still sucks."

Danny Ayers:

"Sure, there is still a way to go before RDF can be effectively lined up alongside doc-oriented XML. As Norm points out, RDF/XML is good for RDF core dumps. It's acceptable for interchange too. But handwritten? Well if you can comfortably handwrite TEI and DocBook, it shouldn't present much of a problem. But personally anything beyond a few lines of sample/test data, and I'm outta here."

Dan Brickley:

"Sometimes there are emergent properties of a set of sensible, well motivated decisions grounded in a whole load of subtle constraints. We (I say we, I turned up late to this bit of work) had constraints from nature of the task (graphs into trees), from HTML browser deployment concerns, from XML arcana, from RDF's data model (unordered)."

It's all quite frustrating really.

July 31, 2004 06:07 PM


Dorothea Salo
(August 3, 2004 02:44 PM #)

Yes, a definitive syntax improvement. However... which of the sensible serializations do RDF parsers understand out of the box? And if the answer isn't "all of them," what's the gain of using them, and by extension, using RDF at all?

(And which of these serializations plays best inside other XML documents? Not a snarky question; I'm curious.)

My central point, however, was that the assumption by RDFies that the XMLies don't use RDF *because they don't understand it* (or worse, are incapable of understanding it!) does not win XMLies to the RDF fold.

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