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I'm super, thanks for asking

A few people have been kind enough to ask me why I've gone off the blog radar, so to speak. Well, the last few months have been busy! In Propylon we've been working hard with our customers to bring some interesting applications into the world and upgrading some others. A REST style reliable messaging protocol for HTTP is close to completion - it needs a final polish before being published in January - open source implementations should follow. Plus I've been getting up to speed on some technologies new to me (XMPP, Open Office, Mozilla, .NET) as well as getting intimately familiar again with some old ones (RDF, Struts, DHTML, Javaspaces). The last thing that's been occupying (irking) me is the development process itself - something that can work within the technology framework of data oriented services, protocol driven communications and open-source platforms and as well as being able to fit within existing commercial models, rapid deliveries and constant change. I think have an idea of what works, but haven't be able to find the time or wherewith all to communicate it effectively - "agile with a blueprint" comes to mind.

December 31, 2004 12:38 PM