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Jython gets a Wiki

Jython has a wiki: JythonWiki. Brian Zimmer Sean McGrath and I have gotten together to set up MoinMoin in the jython.org webspace and seed it with a few pages.

JythonWiki, and community bootstrapping

  • There's an RSS feed of RecentChanges you can subscribe to. I've found a feed invaluable for keeping up to speed on the Atom wiki.
  • It's been seeded with content, including a RoadMap, DeveloperGuide and a copy of Brian's MovingJythonForward.
  • For those of you running your own wiki, the InterWiki name is JythonWiki.

I think there's enough info to get a sense where Jython is going this year. The main thing of course is to get the word out that Jython is going somewhere. Wikis, done right, are a great tool for developing community, much more so that mailing lists, which tend to be task/argument based medium.

You'll have to log in and send a mail requesting write access. If you know how Wikis work, you'll know that sucks horribly, but it's what we've we done to deal with link spam, which is a big problem for a lot of wikis today.

Jython.org, and a new logo

Jython.org will be getting a facelift as soon as possible. If you have anything you want to see on the site, add it here: JythonOrgRedesign.

And if you have a talent for graphics, Jython is looking for a new logo. Brian will be announcing details on how that's going to work, but it will probably be run as a submit-and-vote by the community. When that starts, I'll blog it here.

Last of all, if enough people wanted it, I'll set up a PlanetJython.

The code

So, websites and logos and shiny doodads are all well and good, but what about the code?

There is a branch merge coming that will upgrade the Jython trunk to new style classes. That will afford the ability to reach parity with Python 2.3 and 2.4. It's a significant, non-trivial change to Jython and most of us are happy to stay out of the way while Samuele Pedroni gets it finished (Samuele is the co-author with Noel Rappin of Jython Essentials and the closest thing Jython currently has to a BDFL ;)

After that, I think you can expect to see the tree opened up, on a merit basis. Brian Zimmer is pretty focused on building a strong developer community around Jython.

In the meantime, one of the main jobs is to go through the buglist and patch manager on sourceforge, start prioritizing bugs and creating test cases.

And for those of you that don't like fixing bugs (really?), Brian has created a list of AbsentModules in Jython. If anyone wants to start working on those, that would be tres cool. Contact the jython-dev list.

Further down the line there's been some talk of reorganizing the source tree, which is best described as 'pre-Ant'. Doing that now is only going to get in the way of the new style classes work, but there's a clear desire to make the tree more idiomatic post-merge (and keep the CVS history). In any case, those makefiles are going to go (which means if you build Jython with Make and this is going to put you out, get over to jython-dev and let us know!).

Finally, there's been talk recently on the jython-dev list about moving to Subversion. Were that to happen, it would mean moving off Sourceforge, a move that has pros and cons, and whichever way you look at it would be disruptive. The active committers haven't indicated what they want to do (there are other things to be focusing on right now), but it's sure to come up again.

February 7, 2005 01:46 PM


Steve Loughran
(February 7, 2005 03:14 PM #)

It's good to see that Jython is still alive!

I would not just embrace Ant, I would encourage you to play with the new scripting support coming in Ant1.7; conditions and selectors can now be scripted inline. If any of this stuff doesn't work w/ Jython, we need to know now. Similarly, if there is anything else to add, now is the time.