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Hmm. Upgrades.

Having failed before, I seem to have got Zempt working this evening along with the WMPtunelog plugin for iTunes (nearly working anyway, Zempt's complaining it can't file a file on exit). I also bought a copy of FeedDemon which integrates with Zempt. Aside from the (very) neat UI, it rips through my feed list (which is now in the hundreds). Plus it supports enclosures for iTunes and bloglines. It'll be interesting to see if the tools affect the weblog entries - I tend to write long entries. It's a bit grim to do that through a letterbox form online; they also tend to have lots of typos on first publication.

In work we're going to move to Subversion 1.1.3 to avail of the flat file system. We've had a couple of incidents of Berkeley db getting wedged in the last few weeks after increasing our backup cycle frequency.

On the hardware front, a new laptop is soon come. The Dell I turned off for an hour today after I started to smell warm plastic - it's an Inspiron 8500 which has always run really hot (as in I've-burnt-my-fingers-on-it-hot), but I think it's doomed despite getting a new motherboard a few months ago. A mass backup to an icy-box has been done.

[Forget Me Knots - Roni Size - Touching Down]

March 14, 2005 09:39 PM


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