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Bad Framework!

Leigh, and Mark.

"In the Java world we've got Java Servlets. And what's the most commonly implemented method? It's not doGet its the generic service method. Thats the point at which the majority of frameworks hook into a Controller servlet to dispatch to server-side request handlers.

And yet, how many frameworks encourage or even allow the binding of handlers based on a combination of URL+method? In my experience the protocol independence anti-pattern kicks in at that point, and the request method is the last thing that a developer is encouraged to take into account. The end result are URLs that react identically to any request method. It might be an interesting experiment if Udell tried sending PUT, DELETE, HEAD requests to the same API calls." - Leigh Dodds

"All of this adds up to people not being able to count on the availability of mechanisms to set Web metadata, and therefore a failure to use what the Web provides. Take a look at Web applications like Wikis, Blog engines and commercial packages that you deploy on a Web server (I dont want to pick on anyone particular here, because everybodys in the same boat, and its not their fault)." - Mark Nottingham

Good to see HTTP abuse getting some attention. Maybe the W3C won't bake HTTP subsets into their specs anymore.

April 22, 2005 12:19 AM


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