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Jini up in non-geological time

The new Jini starter kit is great news that that community recognizes the barrier to adoption. I caught some heat about Jini failing the ten-minute test last year - contrary arguments along the lines of, this is a neccessarily complicated problem - I just didn't buy those. They've also sorted out the Jini licencing, by moving to the ASF version 2.0, more good news, as that takes the confusion out of anyone's obligations to Sun in production scenarios.

This comes via Tim Bray, who is doing some cool sounding networking thingy skunknamed Zeppelin - wish he'd tell us more ;) He's wondering whether it's the simplest thing that could possibly work. That depends on what range Zeppelin is meant to operate at. Jini is a LAN/Enterprise range technology that could be pushed out to the WAN if you hacked an XMPP transport underneath it (the beauty of the ASF licence means that you can do this now). The thing that seems to make Jini neccessarily complicated beyond that is Java code sharing, with all the attendant security and versioning issues, and discovery (but which could be addressed via zeroconf - maybe).

JXTA went after the internet range and for data sharing, and in terms of the protocols at least, dropped the Java dependency. It's hard to argue that's not a safer bet in the long run. Something surely has to evolve on top of all that bittorrent traffic ;)

April 1, 2005 06:50 PM


Dale Asberry
(April 1, 2005 07:46 PM #)

It would be nice to see Jini using JXTA as the transport.

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