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MIT Press classics series

A while back, I reviewed the book How To Write Parallel Programs (HTWPP), which is sadly out of print. As an aside I said this:

"O'Reilly should run a "Classics" series like Penguin do for novels and plays, but for out of print or half-forgotten computer literature. I think they'd have a long-lived franchise."

Just yesterday Bob Prior at the MIT Press made the following comment on that review:

"Thanks for your great reviews of what happen to be two books published by The MIT Press. As to your suggestion for a 'classics' series, it so happens that we already have such a program and I will definitely consider adding How to Write Parallel Programs to that list. SICP, as others have pointed out, is already available on-line."

Aside from the possibility of getting such a great book back in print, MIT Press classics already has all kinds of great books up there. Here's a taster:

I had no idea the series existed. And it's not just CS books - economics, philosophy, architecture to name a few subject categories.

(Thanks to all the folks who pointed out that HTWPP is available online. Go read it!)

April 9, 2005 02:19 PM


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