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Move any mountain


"Alongside interoperability, a core rationale for the use of XML as a wire representation instead of broadly-available binary formats (specifically CORBA and DCOM), was that the extensibility of XML meant that message senders and receivers would be resilient to change. This promised resilience can only be realized if one works at the XML level. Even then, there is the perennial challenge of maintaining consistent semantics.
Assuming that working in the XML-space is considered a good thing, then we do not need a SOAP stack that holds the hands of end users, hiding the details of the XML message, generating Java source from WSDL-wrapped XML schemas. Instead we need a SOAP stack that makes it easy to work with the XML payload, as XML. The result should be a stack which is smaller, lighter weight, and more flexible than a classic stack. With a simpler architecture, implementation effort would be low, as would ongoing support costs. "
- Alpine: a fast, unforgiving SOAP stack for people who know what they are doing

May 25, 2005 12:59 AM


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