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Django debugging followup

Adrian Holavaty came back quickly with a comment about my recent Django debugging session, which was centered around how Django loads your models and what it expects to find there. It's worth lifting in full for those of you interested in Django:

"Hey, thanks for checking out Django! Sweet.
We are *very much* interested in providing XML backends as an alternative to database backends. That sort of flexibility would be outstanding, and there's certainly an audience for it. Please bring this up on the django-developers list -- http://groups-beta.google.com/group/django-developers -- if you have a second. Anything would help, from broad implementation ideas to concrete patches.
Lemme address some of your issues --
* I18N -- We're very committed to getting this done. Problem is, we don't know the best way to do it; this is very new to us. People in the community have made suggestions here and there, but nobody feels comfortable taking on the *whole* problem. If you could contribute to that effort, *awesome*. Check out our developers list, whose link I've pasted above.
* LAYOUT -- Yeah, I'm not too crazy about the default module layout myself, and I'm the one who arranged it. We're very open to suggestions on this. Most of the layout doesn't really matter as far as Django is concerned, so we have a fair amount of flexibility in changing it.
* COMMUNITY -- The IRC channel is very-much self-sustaining at this point, in terms of people helping other people. Jacob (co-developer) and I might be open to giving people commit access, if that's what you're implying, but we're still getting our toes wet, getting comfortable.
* THE BUG YOU POINTED OUT -- I agree that that's a bug. Thanks for bringing it up. There are two ways to fix it: Change the default code generator to create "stub" models, and/or change the model parser to allow empty models. Both changes sound good to me, and I'll get to them ASAP."

and later:

"I've fixed the bug you brought up. Thanks again for reporting it!"

And I've duly updated against the Subversion trunk. I'm impressed, won over, and a little humbled. This is the kind of positive feedback that has marked out the RoR folks over the last year and is common (I think) in the Python world. Having signed up to the dev list, my concerns about community in particular seem like kvetching - the Django team are accepting and applying patches. And it's not like I formally filed a bug on the Django tracker.

The Django experiments are still going well - given that I'm not using any of the RDBMS heavy lifting and learning a framework, I'm getting through features at a fair clip.

August 4, 2005 10:58 PM