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did you know that Mt3.2 clips the basename to 30 chars by default and if you're not careful an import will trash your permalinks?

In moving hosts, I had to switch the Movable Type (MT) install running this journal. I also upgraded from 3.1 to MT 3.2 in the process.

MT 3.2 has this notion of a basename, which it fixes to 30 chars. The basename alows you to have permalinks_that_look_like_this.html. Basenames seem to be the default permalink generator now; in previously MT used an incrementing number scheme which appeared to be derived from the entry's database key - for all kinds of reasons it's a really bad idea to be using that kind of stuff for Cool URIs. So in earlier versions of MT, you had to configure it to create basenames so you could have these_kind_or_urls.html instead of #number.html. So basenames are an improvement.

Some of us have been using title basenames for a while. And now, if you import data from an old version into 3.2 without expanding the basename length in the settings first, MT will silently trash your urls by truncating them. So what? Rebuild, you say. Well it turns ou that MT as of 3.2 seems to be taking the whole permalinking and Cool URI thing more seriously that it did in the past. If you rebuild and entry with a changed title, the permalink will not change, it reflects the original title.

The solution: blow away your weblog, recreate it, and set the basename length to 250 before running an import. You kept that old export, right?

Also: the 3.2 version of MT no longer has an RSS1.0 feed generator, just Atom 1.0 and RSS2.0.

September 9, 2005 11:05 AM


(September 9, 2005 01:20 PM #)

Just a note: The feed provided by


has two titles for every item; the first is always "Templating RDF into XHTML" .

Michael Koziarski
(September 9, 2005 09:58 PM #)

Welcome to Textdrive Bill, I hope chilco treats you well :).

Bill de hOra
(September 10, 2005 10:41 AM #)

"Templating RDF into XHTML"

Thanks James; I shall fix it. Bonus prize for guessing whose feed I used for, guidance ;)

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